The  little spice with a powerful punch. CLOVE  If you have not been using it in your daily food preparation, now is a good time to start. Cloves are the flower bud of a tree. when dry it's filled  with a rich aroma and flavor.

It enhances the flavor in all  sea food  you may use powdered clove which you have to use about two  pinches to  a pound of fish or meat  or two whole cloves.. You may mix it  with other ground seasoning for a rub of your  meat dishes like; pork, lamb chicken or beef. It is also the ingredient in Worcestershire and Barbecue Sauce 

If you like baking legs or shoulders of meat or pot roast, use the whole cloves, inserting them throughout the meat top and bottom called studding. Remove before serving.They are also great in your stews, in  beans dishes, beans and rice  or alone with rice

Clove can be added to your pumpkin pies and ginger bread. in your home made sauces and on your fruit salads. Clove  will truly enhance  the flavor of your dishes

Clove is bold, until you have  master cooking with it, use sparingly. (you could loose you dish} TIP always remove clove from your dishes before serving. It may be flavorful in your foods but you don't want to bite into it. 

FROM THE GOOD SO FOOD MALL website the columnist  Lisa Coleman offer these tips for the use of clove

Ideas for cooking with clove 

  • Add nuts and ground cloves to your favorite stuffing recipe.
  • Push a single clove into an onion in chicken stock and soups.
  • Add ground cloves to winter fruit salads.
  • Mix ground cloves into batters of sweet breads and muffins.
  • Poach pears with cinnamon, cloves, wine and simple syrup.
  • Make a fragrant pomander by pushing whole cloves into an orange or clementine.
  • To scent you home for the holidays, add vanilla, cloves and orange peel to a pot of boiling water.

 so go ahead and enjoy this old age spice from the east. and add the flavor of clove in your cooking Bon Appetite



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