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My Love for spices

My love affair with spices began at the early age of fourteen while my brothers and I helped my mother prepare spices for the tourist industry. we came up with creative ways to bottle and package our spices. That was our after school pastime, our summer vacation and our weekend escape. It was our way of life. I also learned the health benefits of the spices by watching my mother and the neighbors using it for healing many ailments.


I remember when my son at the age of three was pushed down fifteen flight of stairs by his playmate, I was told by the neighbor to give him turmeric tea for three days. All he has is a permanent scar on his nose as a reminder I learnt the many benefits of each spice.


Ginger is one of our all time favorites. with it's many uses and distinctive taste It was used for our famous ginger beer, cookies, teas and culinary dishes. It has medically recognized benefits for immune system strength and easing nausea. Ginger along with Cinnamon are the cold and flu spices.


Grenada is recognized as the second largest producer of nutmeg in the world. It is Grenada Gold! We understand the potency of nutmeg, used locally for stroke victims, along with its documented pain relieving properties. clove is also a pain relieving spice, widely known for its analgesic properties. It is often used for general pain relief, including, stomach aches and tooth ache.


Beside it's aromatic fragrance and taste, bay leaf is also good immune system builder and sleep aid. We blend our knowledge with scientific discoveries, to bring you the best of the spice benefits.

our spices are from one source

We bring you the freshest spices in a natural sun dried form. We grow our own Turmeric and Ginger, free from fertilizers and pesticides. We support small farmer's cooperatives for our Clove, Cinnamon and Bay Leaf. I sometimes pick bay leaf myself which I enjoy doing.. Our spices comes to you from one source... Us. --Our Goal - is to bring you teas and spices that are bold, flavorful and memorable. Our Mission: We will never sell a product that we won't buy ourselves. But don't take my word for it, go ahead try them and drink to your health.

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