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From the spice capital of the the Caribbean, Grenada. "The Isle if Spice we bring you the best and freshest spices on the market today

From the smooth taste of our Ceylon Cinnamon together with zesty Ginger creates an exhilarating and robust flavor.  add a bit of lemon  or lime and enjoy this refreshing brew. 

Cinnamon-Ginger -Turmeric
This Anti-inflammatory trio, is packed with properties to aids in Arthritis, Pain, Circulation, Digestive, Anti Cancer, Bad Cholesterol and a whole lot more. Organically Grown, Try it, not only for its great taste but for its many health benefits. You'll be glad you did.

The Super Blend
Five spices blended together brings out the best in Chi flavor. Packed with many nutrients for a balanced body, The aroma and taste brings the Wow factor to tea

Moringa Turmeric
A powerful blend of Turmeric Moringa is packed with powerful Antioxidants, Anti Inflammatory, blood pressure control and more. see the many health benefits @, and drink to your health.

Tea package
Check out our selection of the varied teas we offer, packed and sealed for freshness and flavor with every cup. it's our guarantee and 

At you can purchase spice for your meats, fish, soups, vegetables and specialty dishes.

For your Pies, Pudding, Cakes. Pastries. Sweets and Treats.Smoothies and your favorite punches. Natural Spices of Grenada is your place to shop.

We have blended our spices together to bring you the most amazing flavors and aroma you have ever tasted. Packed with many suggested health benefits. Try them and drink to your health.

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