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Turmeric- Cinnamon;  Two renowned spices  known and used world wide for their many uses and suggested  benefits.

Cinnamon for it sweet tasting and flavoring. Some of its suggested benifits are the use for cough and colds, blood pressure, Anxiety, inflamation, diabetes, anti cancer properties and more. 

The Sweetness of the cinnamon makes this brew soothing and enjoyable

 Turmeric:.Some of its suggested  benefits: It is said to have over 7000 use, and shows potential therapeutic values in over 600 health conditions such as: Joint inflammation. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Blood Cloth, Bad Cholesterol, Antiseptic, Anti fungal, Headache, Detox, Hearth Health, Immune building, Blood Sugar, Anti-inflammatory, Oral health, Digestive, Blood Sugar, Anti- inflammatory, Antibiotic, Circulation, Bad Cholesterol, and more. 

Note: When using spice in a medicinal capacity, always consult with your physician 


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